What we do

Impact Human
Health & Environment

Environmental Pollution
E-waste releases toxic heavy metals into the soil, underground water, and air. Those toxins influence the plants and trees that are growing from the soil, lead to toxins in underground water, and burning E-Waste releases hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, which pollutes the air that many animals and humans rely on.

Living Creature Health
Those toxins enter the human food supply, through water and plants, and lead to birth defects, malfunction in brain, heart, liver, kidney, nervous, skeletal, and reproductive system damage.

Impact on
Data Security

Data Breaching

  • Identity theft
  • Bank account access
  • Corporate & financial information theft
  • Access to databases & large volumes of sensitive personal information (SPI)


Contribute to the global organizations’ efforts to fight E-waste trade, stockpiling, data breach, poor occupational health & safety conditions, environmental contamination, etc.

Green Future

Create a local path of laws, regulations, and initiatives to regulate e-waste to ensure better environmental conditions for all and a green future


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